The 4 Stages of Creative Business Mastery

Design, Build, Grow , and Master the business of creativity so that you can have the income and lifestyle you want.


    Create a vivid lifestyle dream, focus your passions to create a clear vision for your business, and the specific clients, actions, and milestones to make finding work you love and the income you want easier.


    Build the offers, the prices, and the sales tools you need to attract and close the kind of clients and work you love. Create templates to save you time and give you confidence.

  • GROW

    Grow your creative business with a compelling marketing message that communicates your value, a mapped path to profit for prospects to become clients, and a clear marketing plan to take consistent action.


    Mastery takes practice. This stage develops the momentum and repetition of a successful creative business. Leverage the wisdom, resources, and experiences of a curated group of creative entrepreneurs.

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